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headline: You Will Tell Everything To Family. Free Sunday Calls headline: Broadband DSL Internet’ll Make The Whole Family Happy. Komplet DSL Internet From 399/month headline: Have a Talk With Your Family Abroad International Calls From 3,90/minute Campaign for the full range of Slovak Telecom’s products. art director: Peter Dubravik copywriter: Radovan Grezo, Pavol Minar, Peter […]

The ad was run on TV without an ending, but saying people to go to to find out how it all ends (on the web were 3 different endings of the story). art director: Peter Dubravik, Vlado Durajka copywriter: Vlado Jancek, Brano Bezak, Peter Darovec, Pavol Minar creative director: Peter Darovec year: 2006

headline: Music Heals Download your favourite songs from Campaign for the new music-on-demand feature. art director: Peter Dubravik copywriter: Vlado Jancek creative director: Peter Darovec photographer: Martin Friedner director: Karel Janak year: 2006

VO: Enjoy the movie with T-Com. Pop&Drink were two animated characters developed to promote T-Com’s sponsoring of blockbuster movie’s premiere on national TV in Slovakia. I designed the characters and developed the whole series of short promo TVCs that ran in the first and last slot in each commercial break before, during and after the […]

VO: Big packages are cheaper. ST Maxi – the maximally cheap calls. art director: Peter Dubravik copywriter: Vlado Jancek creative director: Boda Oravcova director: Jakub Kohak year: 2004

VO: Welcome to the ice. Slovak Telecom. a short sponsoring TVC linking the brand to Slovakia’s #1 sport – ice hockey art director: Peter Dubravik copywriter: Boda Oravcova creative director: Boda Oravcova year: 2004